Wednesday, April 6, 2016


The official reveal of the cover for MOTORMAN took place on Nev Murray's Confessions of a Reviewer Blog. It is a great site and I recommend it for all the horror reviews you will find there. This is more of an unofficial reveal. That's to say I just like showing off the great work of the artist Erik W. Wilson and my book cover so...

Running from a night of humiliation and murder, Johnny Burris leaves his home in an urban junkyard fleeing into the Ozarks countryside. While he flees, mysterious streaks of blue light in the night sky drive him into a forgotten bit of nowhere lost in the hills. Johnny thinks he’s found home and good work in an odd little gas station from another time. The station isn’t the only thing strange and Johnny quickly gets pulled into a world where the cars are all chromed with engines built to run, and the people are the same. Over generations the community has been slowly altered with machine parts and the energy of the flying blue streaks that led him there.

Enticed and torn between two sisters, one with gleaming metal body parts, the other outcast for her normality, Johnny becomes the pawn of their father. The old doctor is looking for a replacement and Johnny Burris is the man with just the right skills.

When it becomes clear that he is being groomed to become the new Dr. to the community, Johnny rebels and tries to run, taking the one, unaltered girl with him. But the people, and the girl, turn out to be even more than he imagined. When he crashes in his escape, he wakes to find himself bonded into the machinery of a 1969 Camaro. His whole world becomes the one choice, live as a monster, making monsters or die like a man. If he chooses to die, who will he take with him?

MOTORMAN is a novella about what happens when you surrender humanity, when you run from things that can't be left behind.

It is releasing from Necro Publications 5/20/16 the first of my two Necro titles in 2016.

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