Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I've been neglecting this blog for quite some time. It is an easy thing to ignore. The blog just sits there waiting--without demands, without even life or liveliness. All the life of my writing goes to the novels I hammer away at day by day.

An Update: THE RED HIGHWAY is coming soon. The book is in final proofing and I am having a hard time combing through it without going cross eyed. Here is the cover art if you have not caught it on Twitter.

This amazing cover was created by my new friend, Erik Wilson. Look him up at http://www.erikwilsonart.com/ THE RED HGHWAY is about outsiders who have no choice but to fight the evil they are drawn to.

Here is the full art that will become the wrap around for the hard back book.

I can't help but be proud to have this art on my book. Thanks of course goes to the publisher that hooked me up with Mr. Wilson. If you love other horror and not just mine, take a look at the fine company I am keeping now at http://www.necropublications.com/

Here is the descriptive copy that will be on the back of the jacket-

In 1992, as Los Angeles begins to simmer in the heat of racial injustices, one dark man appears everywhere, spreading his message of race war. At the same time, Paul Souther, a homeless, drunk joins a strange group of outsiders. Some black and some white, they all carry the weight of broken lives and lost faith. They are all drawn to LA, for the arrival of a child, impossibly carried by Mary Prince, a sterile porn star.

Through back roads and freeways everyone is pulled into LA and Mary's side just as the baby is born. None of them have any idea that the city is a ticking bomb of anger. As riots explode, the mysterious man reveals himself to be an ancient, dark spirit using the rage of the people to stoke his own, literal, fires. He demands Mary’s child as sacrifice to keep the city, and perhaps the nation from burning. It falls to Paul, a faithless man, and a drunk with blood on his own hands, to make the impossible choice between the child and the city, and to save the people he has come to care about.