Duke Blevins returns home after two tours of duty in Afghanistan to a farm with nothing growing, a truck up on blocks in a yard full of weeds, and a house barely standing. Everything is just how he likes it. Things couldn’t be better for the new civilian... until the dead begin rising from his land.
Almost as desperate to contain the dead as they are to keep black helicopters and FEMA out of their hills, a beer fuelled army of country boys in pickup trucks rush into the night even as word of the crisis sparks government action. What seemed straight forward at first, destroy the spreading hoard of flesh eating corpses, becomes a battle against an immortal evil.
In farm fields and wild Ozarks woodlands, in a rowdy roadhouse and through subterranean passage ways that lead to interstellar nightmares, good old boys and domestic beer are all that stand between the world and a plague of walking dead.


Max never had the chance to say goodbye, he did have the chance to scream. Violently taken from his wife and his world, Max is thrown into a nightmare of fear, agony, and experimentation at the hands of other worldly creatures stalking the night skies.
Twenty years later, four friends have gathered at an isolated Ozarks ranch to celebrate an upcoming birth. Their joy is shattered when the frail and unconscious body of Max falls from an ominous darkening sky kicking loose a roller coaster of violence and horror.
Through one seemingly endless night the friends find themselves surrounded, and at the mercy of nameless, unseen creatures. Desperation makes for difficult choices and even more difficult actions as two men learn just who they must be to fight the killers behind the darkness.

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