Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pre-Release Updates

9/13/16 the release date for A LIVING GRAVE is getting close. And the excitement is building to a bit of a buzz. Hear that? It's everyone talking about this book. If you can't hear it yet I thought I would give you a little help. Today I'm posting a few links to reviews and interviews and pointing to the "Buzz" all about A LIVING GRAVE

As I write, the book has a 4.69 rating on Goodreads with prereaders and Netgalley readers. Take a look here, A LIVING GRAVE on Goodreads.

I did an interview with R.G. Belsky, a veteran newsman and author of the Gil Malloy mysteries and it is featured in the Sept. issue of THE BIG THRILL The Big Thrill is the magazine of the International Thriller Writers.

Another interview focusing on Katrina (Hurricane) Williams, the main character of A LIVING GRAVE (She's why it is really titled A LIVING GRAVE A Katrina Williams Mystery) is posted over on the website for the Not For Profit Par/Genus Foundation Read my interview and stick around to learn more about the foundation's cause of increasing gender diversity and opportunity in media.

You will probably be sick of me by the time you read those so take a few moments to see some of the amazing reviews already written for A LIVING GRAVE

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A NetGally review by Author Peggy Jaeger

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The Scary Reviews

And after all that you might want to take a look at some of the things I had to say lately on other blogs and sites.

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If all of that isn't enough, put your hungry eyeballs on the print version cover-