Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cover Reveal - A LIVING GRAVE

It's official, actually a lot of things have recently become official, so... The first official thing to announce is that my novel, written as The End of Summer, some of you have heard me talk about it, has been re-titled. It is now A LIVING GRAVE.

Also official is the release date, 9/13/16 from Lyrical Press, and imprint of Kensington Publications.

Now, take a look at the amazing cover. I'm so proud to share this.

Katrina “Hurricane” Williams is not a good cop. In fact she’s just hanging on to her job as a Sheriff’s Detective in the rural Ozarks. Ten years after a horrible and life changing assault by fellow soldiers in Iraq, Katrina is prone to drinking and violence.

When two cases converge, a bizarre child murder and modern day bootlegging, Katrina meets fellow veteran turned artist, Nelson Solomon. When an Army investigator shows up pulling the strings of her past, she's forced to confront her own secrets even as she works the cases.

Spiraling and barely under control she follows the child murder into a place of utter darkness. At the same time, she begins uncovering connections between Solomon, bikers, mobsters, and murder. Dragged down by death, guilt, and uncontrolled anger, Katrina hits bottom. Then, In one long night of loss and violence, she pushes aside secrets to save Solomon from his own dangerous choices.

A LIVING GRAVE is the first book in my Katrina "Hurricane" Williams series.

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