Tuesday, July 12, 2016


It is getting close to the September release date for A LIVING GRAVE. Advance copies of the book are going out to reviewers and book bloggers. The book was sent to a couple of great guys, writers whose work I enjoy and respect. Hunter Shea, author of The Montauk Monster and Tortures of the Damned, and John Renehan, author of The Valley were each asked to read and blurb. A blurb is the quoted mini review  you see on the covers of books often from authors more famous than the writer. That part is easy since everyone is more famous than me. In this case though it was not about fame. These two men have written books that thrill and inspire me. Maybe I just wanted to capture a tiny bit of that mojo. Read the first chapter and see if I did. Read all the way through and see what Hunter and John had to say.

Here is the first chapter and first introduction to Katrina "Hurricane" Williams. I hope you like her as much as I liked creating her.

I am revising this page 9/8/16Here is where I had previously posted the text of A LIVING GRAVE Chapter 1. It was all laid out and formatted but all for nothing. It turned out that in some situations it bunched up and lost the paragraph spacing. In some it was small and hard to read. I don't know a lot about formatting for the web or creating documents to be shared but the people over at Kensington/Lyrical Press do-They created a beautiful document that shows off the first chapter perfectly. So instead of reading here, please follow this link-


I hope you enjoyed it and I really hope you want more. Keep reading and I'll tell you were to go to reserve your copy. First let's take a look at what the blurbs look like.

"Move over tough guys, there's a new sheriff in town. Katrina Williams is a force of nature. A tight, gripping read that'll make you think Elmore Leonard has returned!"


"With the sharpest intimate eye of one who knows the land and its people, Dunn has conjured a cast of startling and believable characters in a rich and expertly paced piece of storytelling, equal parts merciless and humane."


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