Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pre-Release Updates

9/13/16 the release date for A LIVING GRAVE is getting close. And the excitement is building to a bit of a buzz. Hear that? It's everyone talking about this book. If you can't hear it yet I thought I would give you a little help. Today I'm posting a few links to reviews and interviews and pointing to the "Buzz" all about A LIVING GRAVE

As I write, the book has a 4.69 rating on Goodreads with prereaders and Netgalley readers. Take a look here, A LIVING GRAVE on Goodreads.

I did an interview with R.G. Belsky, a veteran newsman and author of the Gil Malloy mysteries and it is featured in the Sept. issue of THE BIG THRILL The Big Thrill is the magazine of the International Thriller Writers.

Another interview focusing on Katrina (Hurricane) Williams, the main character of A LIVING GRAVE (She's why it is really titled A LIVING GRAVE A Katrina Williams Mystery) is posted over on the website for the Not For Profit Par/Genus Foundation Read my interview and stick around to learn more about the foundation's cause of increasing gender diversity and opportunity in media.

You will probably be sick of me by the time you read those so take a few moments to see some of the amazing reviews already written for A LIVING GRAVE

The Haunted Reading Room


A NetGally review by Author Peggy Jaeger

Horror Maiden

Scarlet's Web

The Scary Reviews

And after all that you might want to take a look at some of the things I had to say lately on other blogs and sites.

Cover To Cover

Crime Book Junkie

If all of that isn't enough, put your hungry eyeballs on the print version cover-

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


It is getting close to the September release date for A LIVING GRAVE. Advance copies of the book are going out to reviewers and book bloggers. The book was sent to a couple of great guys, writers whose work I enjoy and respect. Hunter Shea, author of The Montauk Monster and Tortures of the Damned, and John Renehan, author of The Valley were each asked to read and blurb. A blurb is the quoted mini review  you see on the covers of books often from authors more famous than the writer. That part is easy since everyone is more famous than me. In this case though it was not about fame. These two men have written books that thrill and inspire me. Maybe I just wanted to capture a tiny bit of that mojo. Read the first chapter and see if I did. Read all the way through and see what Hunter and John had to say.

Here is the first chapter and first introduction to Katrina "Hurricane" Williams. I hope you like her as much as I liked creating her.

I am revising this page 9/8/16Here is where I had previously posted the text of A LIVING GRAVE Chapter 1. It was all laid out and formatted but all for nothing. It turned out that in some situations it bunched up and lost the paragraph spacing. In some it was small and hard to read. I don't know a lot about formatting for the web or creating documents to be shared but the people over at Kensington/Lyrical Press do-They created a beautiful document that shows off the first chapter perfectly. So instead of reading here, please follow this link-


I hope you enjoyed it and I really hope you want more. Keep reading and I'll tell you were to go to reserve your copy. First let's take a look at what the blurbs look like.

"Move over tough guys, there's a new sheriff in town. Katrina Williams is a force of nature. A tight, gripping read that'll make you think Elmore Leonard has returned!"


"With the sharpest intimate eye of one who knows the land and its people, Dunn has conjured a cast of startling and believable characters in a rich and expertly paced piece of storytelling, equal parts merciless and humane."


Want a chance at a free copy? Sign up for the giveaway on Goodreads

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Some reviews are in for MOTORMAN

Nev Murray from Confessions of a Reviewer said, "A quick read that has some of the best imaginative writing I have read for a while. Puts a new perspective on how much people love their cars!"

Shane Keene from Shotgun Logic said "His characters are quirky, eccentric, and darkly twisted, yet oddly endearing in spite of–or maybe because of–their brokenness."

Adrian Shotbolt from BevistheBookhead, "This book has a lot going for it and will appeal to a wide variety of readers. It has a bit of sci-fi, some body horror but overall it’s a great, fun thriller."

Angela Crawford, the amazing Horror Maiden said, "With the feel of a grindhouse movie that you would have watched at the drive-in and some truly disturbing body horror this story had me hooked right from the start."

A great start-

This has been a great start for a book that I was worried about because of it's length and general themes. I had often thought would people relate to car culture, bizzaro, V8 powered monster, horror as much as I did? Some do and some don't has been the answer. More seem to get it and like it than don't, and that's all you can ask. I am certainly proud of the reviews and the response to this book. I'm wondering- how would a follow-up go? Maybe MOTORMAN - EL CAMINO.

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


The official reveal of the cover for MOTORMAN took place on Nev Murray's Confessions of a Reviewer Blog. It is a great site and I recommend it for all the horror reviews you will find there. This is more of an unofficial reveal. That's to say I just like showing off the great work of the artist Erik W. Wilson and my book cover so...

Running from a night of humiliation and murder, Johnny Burris leaves his home in an urban junkyard fleeing into the Ozarks countryside. While he flees, mysterious streaks of blue light in the night sky drive him into a forgotten bit of nowhere lost in the hills. Johnny thinks he’s found home and good work in an odd little gas station from another time. The station isn’t the only thing strange and Johnny quickly gets pulled into a world where the cars are all chromed with engines built to run, and the people are the same. Over generations the community has been slowly altered with machine parts and the energy of the flying blue streaks that led him there.

Enticed and torn between two sisters, one with gleaming metal body parts, the other outcast for her normality, Johnny becomes the pawn of their father. The old doctor is looking for a replacement and Johnny Burris is the man with just the right skills.

When it becomes clear that he is being groomed to become the new Dr. to the community, Johnny rebels and tries to run, taking the one, unaltered girl with him. But the people, and the girl, turn out to be even more than he imagined. When he crashes in his escape, he wakes to find himself bonded into the machinery of a 1969 Camaro. His whole world becomes the one choice, live as a monster, making monsters or die like a man. If he chooses to die, who will he take with him?

MOTORMAN is a novella about what happens when you surrender humanity, when you run from things that can't be left behind.

It is releasing from Necro Publications 5/20/16 the first of my two Necro titles in 2016.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cover Reveal - A LIVING GRAVE

It's official, actually a lot of things have recently become official, so... The first official thing to announce is that my novel, written as The End of Summer, some of you have heard me talk about it, has been re-titled. It is now A LIVING GRAVE.

Also official is the release date, 9/13/16 from Lyrical Press, and imprint of Kensington Publications.

Now, take a look at the amazing cover. I'm so proud to share this.

Katrina “Hurricane” Williams is not a good cop. In fact she’s just hanging on to her job as a Sheriff’s Detective in the rural Ozarks. Ten years after a horrible and life changing assault by fellow soldiers in Iraq, Katrina is prone to drinking and violence.

When two cases converge, a bizarre child murder and modern day bootlegging, Katrina meets fellow veteran turned artist, Nelson Solomon. When an Army investigator shows up pulling the strings of her past, she's forced to confront her own secrets even as she works the cases.

Spiraling and barely under control she follows the child murder into a place of utter darkness. At the same time, she begins uncovering connections between Solomon, bikers, mobsters, and murder. Dragged down by death, guilt, and uncontrolled anger, Katrina hits bottom. Then, In one long night of loss and violence, she pushes aside secrets to save Solomon from his own dangerous choices.

A LIVING GRAVE is the first book in my Katrina "Hurricane" Williams series.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


The publicity tour for THE RED HIGHWAY managed by my lovely friend, Erin Al-Mehairi of Hook of Book Media and Publicity, is over but never forgotten.

Through the tour I met some great new friends and readers. I wanted to say thanks to all the bloggers and reviewers that hosted and had so many great things to say about the book. I want all of them to know that their efforts are what make small publishing possible. Authors, small presses, and reviewers, form a structure where each leg supports the other. I know I own them so much.

If you haven't seen the reviews, interviews, or guest posts, take a chance and look them over. Then stay and read some of the other great content on each of the sites. I'm adding the links so you don't have any excuse.

Thank you to everyone and by the way, there will be a new book coming soon. Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Reviews We Have Reviews Here

I am so bad at the blogging thing that this page is easily forgotten. In fact the only reason I'm here today is that a friend posted a link to the blog on Twitter and I don't want people coming and being mad at him.

I wanted to share some of the reviews that my novel, THE RED HIGHWAY has gotten recently.

Check out a few:

These are just a few and this is just a lazy guy's blog post. I'll try harder next time, I promise.